Friday, September 21, 2012

friend moving to the Middle East

Sketched this for my friend whos moving to the Middle East for a job. farewell buddy.

Friday, September 14, 2012

quick sketch

i've always been a fan of abstract stuff. so here goes this quick one.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A "real" Captain America shield

This project came into existence when I saw my nephew playing with a flimsy shield made out of construction paper. Pbbbt! Not acceptable in my book. So after promising him I would make him a "real" Captain America shield, I set out to gather materials and plan the project.

I decided to go with a silver, metallic blue and metallic red scheme to loosely mimic the shiled used in the movies as opposed to the flat bright colors seen in the comic book. Wanting something durable for the base shield itself (needed to be metal to fulfill the "real shield" requirement) I settled on a 20" pizza pan which was light enough for a kid to hold up but hopefully wont be knocking any baby teeth out.

From there two lengths of a leather belt were cut and riveted on using a rivet gun. Following that  several coats of a white primer were sprayed on (not pictured).  This was followed by the first color which was a metallic silver which was sprayed on under they other two colors. The blue and red were also paints with a metallic flake in them for a rich sparkly color.

The process of painting the stripes and the star was a major headache that involved masking, using an exact o knife, painting, and re-masking which required many touch ups.

Two cans of automotive acrylic lacquer clear coat were used to prevent against chipping the underlying spray paint and create a glossy top coat.

My original plan was to add some hardcore looking battle damage (scratches and burns) like in the movie however the different layers of paints sitting on top of each other were too fragile for this.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DLC Raven Strike

I did this cover for Ubisoft's lates Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC called Raven Strike. It's supposed to represent the game's mission taking place in the Russian countryside. They had me do some more interesting scenarios such as a war-time Moscow at night and a train-yard but for whatever reason this is what they went with. One thing i liked about this was the exploding splinters of wood effect happening on the lower right of the composition. Unfortunately they impact of  the flying shards of wood is all but lost by the big logo plopped on top. In doing this kind of cover art Logos are my mortal enemy!